Here's What Cleans Everything Up

Clean your brushes and your palette with CITRUS THINNER (made with orange peels). Other odorless thinners are inferior. Many people have avoided oil paint because of the odor and toxicity of the turpentine that was necessary for cleaning. Turpentine is no longer necessary. It is now used only in the making of Damar varnish and retouch varnish.

To conserve the thinner and get the most use from it, make a thinner jar. A thinner jar cleans your brushes above the residue of previous cleanings. Clean the brushes on the screen near the top of the thinner. (In this case an inverted can with holes punched in it) Let the residue settle to the bottom. The level of the thinner should be half an inch above the screen. The thinner will last this way for years. Keep it closed when not in use.

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